The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (aka WMATA or Metro) has 86 stations on its rail system. A fleet of 1,314 buses serves Maryland, Virginia, and DC. There are 952 cars in the system. There are cars manufactured by Rohr Industries of Chulta Vista, California (1000-1299), Breda of Pistoia, Italy (2000-2099, 3000-3289, 4000-4099), CAF (5000-5191), and Alstom (6000-6183). The 7000 Series cars are currently under initial development. The 2000 Series and 3000 Series Breda cars were rehabilitated by Alstom between late 2002 and early 2008. Buses currently running are made by Flxible, Orion, New Flyer, Neoplan and NABI.

Several county owned bus systems also operate in the DC area. These are Ride On (Montgomery County, MD), DASH (Alexandria), and Fairfax Connector (Fairfax County, VA) among others. Also, the Maryland MTA operates the MARC Commuter Rail system and Virginia operates Virginia Rail Express (VRE). In addition, a bus service called the DC Circulator began service in the Central Business District of Washington, DC on July 10, 2005. On this site, there are pictures of Metro buses and trains as well as the DC Circulator, Ride On buses, PG The BUS buses, DASH buses, Fairfax Connector buses, PRTC buses, and MARC, and VRE trains. In addition, there are a few scans of passes and transfers.

Metro Headquarters is at 600 5th Street, NW
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WMATA Rail Operations
Rohr Cars
1000 Series cars manufactured in 1976
"Original" Breda Cars
2000 Series cars manufactured in 1981-1983
3000 Series cars manufactured in 1983
4000 Series cars manufactured in 1991
Rehabilitated Bredas
2000 and 3000 Series cars that underwent rehabilitation by Alstom from late 2002 to early 2008
CAF Cars
5000 Series cars manufactured in 2001-2002
Alstom Cars
6000 Series cars manufactured in 2006
Work Trains
Feeler car and other work equipment
Metrorail Stations
The world-renowned Metrorail Stations
Shady Grove Yard & Shop
A Home of the Red Line
Greenbelt Yard & Shop
Home of the Green and Yellow Lines
Passenger Information Messaging System
WMATA Present Bus Operations
Flxible Metro-B
The oldest of WMATA's Flxible Metros
Flxible Metro-D
The only WMATA buses with roof-mounted air conditioning units
Flxible Metro-E
These were among the last buses Flxible Corporation ever manufactured
1992 Orion V
The first WMATA Orion Vs
1997 Orion V
One of the largest bus orders in WMATA history
1999 Orion V
The baby Orion Vs
2000 Orion V
The most recent Orion V order
2000 Orion VI
The Orion VIs operate from Landover, Four Mile Run, Montgomery, Western, and Southern Divisions
2006 Orion VII/CNG
The Orion VIIs operate from Four Mile and Bladensburg Divisions
New Flyer C40LF and C40LFR Buses
The C40LFs and C40LFRs operate from the Bladensburg Garage
New Flyer DE40LF and DE40LFR Buses
The DE40LFs and DE40LFRs operate from the Landover and Montgomery divisions in Maryland
New Flyer D40LFR Buses
The first buses to have full rear windows since the Fishbowls and New Looks
New Flyer DE42LFA Buses
Among the first buses to arrive in the new red, white, and blue local and express paint schemes
1995 NABI American Ikarus Articulated Buses
Articulated buses operating out of Montgomery and Bladensburg Divisions
2008 NABI BRT/CNG Articulated Buses
WMATA's first ever order of CNG articulated buses
Neoplan AN460A Articulated Buses
WMATA's first order from Neoplan following the failed 9500 order in the 1980s
Thomas SLFs
WMATA operates the GEORGE bus in the City of Falls Church with a dedicated fleet of Thomas SLFs
DC Circulator
A shuttle service in Downtown DC administered by WMATA and operated by First Transit
WMATA Historic Fleet
Flxible Old Looks
This is the oldest bus in the WMATA Historic Fleet
GMC Fishbowls
Some WMATA Fishbowls were not retired until the summer of 2000
1979 GMC RTS buses
WMATA Gillig Phantoms
The Gilligs, originally purchased with money from the DC Government, are now retired, having operated only in Washington, DC itself
Orion II
These buses provided service to the smaller streets of Washington, especially in Northwest, until their retirement in the late 2000s
WMATA Bus Facilities
WMATA Bus Facilities
Pictures of the WMATA Supply Facility, Carmen E. Turner Facility, and Landover Bus Division
Other WMATA Stuff
Miscellaneous Items
Passes, transfers, signage, and provisions. Now, also see pictures of the A&C Connection in use!
Metrorail Service on the 4th of July
See how service on the Fourth of July varies from regular service and pictures of the strange routings and destination signs that result!
WMATA Sounds
Sound clips from the Rohr cars.
Movie clips of the Breda, Rohr and CAF cars and some bus flicks
Groundwater in the Metrorail
A report on Groundwater in the Metrorail. This is a .pdf file which needs Adobe Acrobat in order to be opened.
My WMATA Review
Regional Transportation Providers
Ride On (Montgomery County, MD Transit)
Orion Is, Orion Vs, Orion VIs, Flxible Metro-Ds, Gillig Phantoms, El Dorado Aero Elites, and Ford StarTrans providing local service in Montgomery County, MD
(Prince George's County)
Gillig Phantoms and other assorted bus models operating in Prince George's County, MD
Fairfax Connector
Orion Vs providing local service in Fairfax County, VA
Local bus service in Alexandria, VA provided by Gillig Phantoms and Orion Vs
Commuter service from Washington, DC to Prince William and Stafford Counties in Virginia
Local Commuter Rail Systems
MARC Trains
Photos of MARC engines and coaches
VRE Trains
Photos of VRE engines and coaches
Grand Central

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