Despite being a very small and young country, Israel has a very extensive, thorough, and reliable transportation network. The Egged Bus Cooperative is the second largest public bus system in the world, and serves practically every Israeli settlement throughout the entire country. Egged holds a monopoly on all intercity service throughout the country, as well as intracity service in most cities aside from Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv, the Dan Bus Company runs most of the local bus service, although Egged still has a presence. In recent years, a number of other companies have won franchises to operate bus services, so Egged and Dan are no longer the only two major bus providers in the country.

In addition to having the second largest bus system, Israel also has one of the world's smallest subways, the Carmelit. The Carmelit is really just an underground funicular that runs up and down the side of Mount Carmel (hence its name) in Haifa, but with only 6 stations and 1.8 kilometers of track, it is about as small a subway system as one can find anywhere, and a very unique one as well.

Israel has a developing national rail system with plans for expansion over the coming years. Israel Railways operates passenger service frequently between Nahariya, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, and Jerusalem, among other destinations. There is also a train station at the new Ben Gurion Airport terminal, making the train one of the best and easiest ways to get to the airport. Israel Railways also is the country's sole freight rail provider.

Finally, several cities are turning to light rail lines in an attempt to further improve transportation options in those locations. Jerusalem will have the country's first light rail line; it is currently scheduled to open in August 2011. Tel Aviv also has a light rail system in the design stage.


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Jerusalem Buses
MAN NL-313 Buses
The newest standard length buses in Jerusalem
MAN NG-313 Articulated Buses
The most plentiful of the three types of articulated buses currently in operation in Jerusalem
MAN NG-363F Articulated Buses
Jerusalem's newest articulated buses, having entered service in September 2010
MAN 11-220 "Mini" Buses
A mainstay on Route 38, which operates within the Old City walls
Mercedes-Benz O 405 Buses
Although these buses are over 20 years old having entered service in 1988, they are still operating throughout the city
Mercedes-Benz O 405 G Buses
Despite their advanced age (over 20 years old), these articulated buses continue to relieve crowds on busy routes
Mercedes-Benz "Sprinter" Buses
These tiny buses provide special services, in addition to regular service on Route 38, in Jerusalem
Route 99 Double-Decker Buses
The Route 99 Tourist Route loops around Jerusalem every two hours and providing a commentary to the journey in 8 different languages from a double decker MAN bus with a convertable roof. Until 2010, service was provided by renovated Neoplan Skyliners.
Jerusalem Light Rail
Alstom Citadis 302
Rolling Stock
Photos and video of the Alstom Citadis 302 light rail vehicles that will operate on the line once it is complete
Construction Photos
Photos of the Jerusalem Light Rail construction work that is currently in progress
French Hill Depot
Photos of the French Hill Depot where the light rail vehicles will be stored and maintained, and the location of the central control for the light rail line
Tel Aviv & Gush Dan
Dan Standard Length MAN Buses
Photos of Dan's standard 12 meter long buses manufactuered by MAN
Dan Articulated MAN Buses
Photos of Dan's articulated buses manufactuered by MAN
Dan Mini-Buses
Photos of Dan's Mercedes-Benz Sprinter buses
Dan Intercity Buses
Photos of Dan's intercity buses
Egged Tel Aviv & Gush Dan Service
Photos of the limited intracity service provided by Egged in the Tel Aviv and Gush Dan areas
Egged Rehovot Service
Photos of Egged operations in Rehovot
One of the world's smallest subway systems
MAN NL-313 Buses
Haifa's newest buses are standard length low floor buses
Mercedes-Benz O 405 Buses
These buses continue to ply up and down Mount Carmel despite being over 20 years old
Egged Eilat Service
Photos of Egged's local operations in Eilat
Intercity Services
Egged Intercity Buses
Photos of Egged buses used on intercity routes (including photos of intercity buses being used on suburban services)
Egged Museum
Photos from the Egged Museum in Holon
Egged Tours
Photos of buses operating under Egged's tour provider banner
Egged Taavura
Photos of buses operating for Egged's subsidiary company in El'ad, Ashdod, Netanya, Ashkelon and the Northern Negev
Egged Towing
Photos of the Mercedes-Benz O303s that have been converted into tow trucks and maintenance vehicles
Connex Buses
A private carrier that operates local and intercity service in Tiberias, Modi'in, Ashdod, and Yavne
Illit Buses
A private carrier that operates local and intercity service in Beitar Illit, and also intercity services from Beitar Illit to Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, and Bnei Brak
Afikim Buses
A private carrier that operates in the Samaria and Gush Dan regions
Superbus Buses
A private carrier that operates intercity and intracity service in Lod, Ramla, Tzrifin, Modi'in Illit, Beit Shemesh and Shoham
Metropoline Buses
A private carrier that operates between Tel Aviv and Beersheva, and also to other points in the Gush Dan and Southern District
Bus Stations
Photos of various Central Bus Stations from around the country
Israel Railways
Alstom JT42BW Diesel Locomotives
These units are found on all push-pull passenger trains and all freight services operated by Israel Railways
Bombardier Bi-Level Push-Pull Trainsets
These bi-level units are found on most push-pull services with the exception of trains operating to and from Modi'in
Siemens Viaggio Light Push-Pull Trainsets
Israel Railways' newest passenger rolling stock
Alstom Push-Pull Trainsets
These older push-pull trainsets are usually found on services operating to and from Modi'in
IC3 "Flexliner" DMUs
These diesel multiple units are the only rolling stock able to operate on the line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and are concentrated on this service as a result
Miscellaneous Rolling Stock
Photos of work equipment and retired locomotives
Photos of stations from throughout the Israel Railways network
Railway Museum
Located at the site of the old Haifa Mifratz (Haifa East) station, the museum is a must-see for any railfan traveling in Israel
Jerusalem-Jaffa Railway Right-of-Way
Photos of the abandoned railroad right of way in Jerusalem
Grand Central

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